Get Your Scholarship Programs Merchant Account with HighRisk Gateways!

HighRisk Gateways is an international payment gateways solution provider which is well known for solving all the problems related to online payment gateways which are faced by different high risk merchants. We ensure that even though you are a high risk merchant and you deal in high risk industry, we will assist you. Even though you have a bad credit score, to make you eligible of having better payment solutions, we will help you get one!
Scholarship Programs are quiet hectic as payment processing is the main core of this business. Being the best venture, this venture bears many various troubles too. Even though all of this looks pretty simple, but getting the license and finishing up all the legalities is very much difficult.
In such a case where day and night the firm is thinking how to secure its business by safe payment processors, HighRisk Gateways bring out an all-round solution for you! We enable you to accept money through various debit & credit cards like VISA or Master Card also we ensure that the payment gateway is quiet safe enough for each and every transaction.

How can you acquire a Scholarship Programs Merchant account?

All you need to do is follow these rules, the early acceptance and approval for this account is all yours.

  • Sign Up with us on our website and fill the online application form.
  • Connect to the customer executive or the relationship manager to know any further details you want to know.
  • Along with the form, get the supporting documents and send it to us through mail.
  • As per the list if your documents are ready for everything as asked for, then you may expect your approval to be yours in just 5-6 days.
  • As you receive a mail or call from the company’s executive, you can surely start up to activate your machines and start receiving payments through the secured HighRisk Gateways.
  • The account can be customized that is as per your list of features, you can rearrange the details.

What shall be your benefits after applying with HighRisk Gateways?

  • HighRisk gateways are well known as they are cost effective, creative & innovative.
  • Being a payment solution provider we supply services to bad credit scorer also.
  • The gateways are secured & reliable and high or heavy amount of transactions can be made.
  • We provide better payment clearing machines, automated clearing services, direct debit services which enables you to directly get your amount deducted from the consumers or the service receivers account, Virtual checkers are installed that help your transaction stay encrypted.
  • We provide better encryption services in which we generate One Time Password or 3D image security options or at times ask questions for security purpose.
  • We ensure proper safety of transaction from end to end user and consumer.

We charge competitive rates and provide various discounts. We ensure like the payment processing systems, you receive emails too while you either pay or receive. We assist you in accepting money in different currencies.