June 2019, HighRisk Gateways, Head of Sales, Mr. Arun Kumar shares his achievements with the Total Prestige Magazine regarding the career growth he witnessed in the last five years at HighRisk Gateways. In the recent interview undertaken by the Total Prestige Magazine, Arun Kumar said that the company offers credit card and US eCheck payment processing solution to high-risk merchants all over the globe.

According to Arun Kumar, HighRisk Gateways is a topmost company working with high-risk businesses to offer the topmost world-class financial business solutions.

As Head of Sales, Kumar states his role with the HighRisk Gateways and dreams the technology HighRisk Gateways to be employed for upcoming financial transactions. Being an industry leader, he emphasizes the company’s intense trails in digital dealings.

When asked about HighRisk Gateways services, Arun Kumar replied “Few businesses are considered and rest are not. Since every client has a common preference to payment processing, and few of them approach us looking for a solution. But our approach is different for each client. First, we understand their business, we analyze if there is any scope to work with them. Then we figure out the scope and after then we start looking for the financial partner or Acquirers or Card Brands or the affiliates who are willing to look into that business or who may provide a solution to the business.”

He stated “We are different than other industries as we do not treat all clients with similar factors. We are linked with hundreds of acquirers to procedure almost every high-risk business, as long as it is legit and ready for our AML/KYC requirements.”

He stated further” What primarily led him to HighRisk Gateways was I like this Industry as it is not very big however it is based on monetary and legal rules. I almost have a decade of working experience with this business as it was my area of interest for gaining knowledge and exploring towards this segment which greatly attracted me to go for www.HighRiskGateways.in.”

When asked about the benefits of HighRisk Gateways, Arun Kumar replied that the small podium is in the beginning phase however with this base, we are going to provide way-out to merchants who have low volume. Therefore, in this way, every merchant can have a way out where they can process the transaction in an easy manner.

HighRisk Gateways Services

HighRisk Gateways is one of the leading service providers offering an accurate solution to your transaction. With credit card/debit card processing, ACH payment processing, electronic checks, international merchant account, offshore payment gateway processes, multiple currency options etc. We have created a niche in the international market.

HighRisk Gateways has proved to be one of the reliable service provider offering unlimited facilities to the merchants since long. It is a sole platform offering all sorts of solutions to make your payment gateway effective. We are dealing with all sorts of businesses and hence proved to be an awesome service provider.

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