Create your own Social Gaming Merchant Account with HighRisk Gateways!

This online gaming actually means where multiple players through internet portal connect each other to play various online games like pool, cards, racing games etc. This business is rare and quiet profitable and is a newly based business. The Merchant account for such business is necessary as many transactions and payments need to be settled.
HighRisk Gateways are well secured and ensure that you have proper payments received. We ensure that once you apply with us depending upon your application we will send across your application and we will ensure that you are ready to accept payments through credit card & debit cards.

How can you apply with us for Social Gaming Merchant Account?

We understand the basic needs and requirements of our customers and provide intelligent payment solutions to all the problems that arise online while paying or receiving payment through customers across the globe.
Here are some few easy steps that you need to follow for Merchant account:
1) Fill in the application form on our website but firstly login for secured data exchange.
2) Submit the required documents as asked in the application form all signed and sealed well in correct sequence.
3) Wait back and depending on the application you have submitted you will receive your approval in just few weeks which will help you accept money through various modes.

What benefits HighRisk Gateways will give you?

Once you apply with us for a Merchant account we ensure that you experience the best security and service with us. Here is list of benefits you shall receive:

  • Firstly we provide risk free totally secured transaction through our online payment gateways.
  • Protect your websites and transactions from fraudulent hacking or spamming that may get you in the vicious circle of chargeback’s.
  • We will help you experience the facility of receiving, money across the global in any currency.
  • We offer best banking institution that will carry out your transactions well safely and securely.
  • We ensure you have fast payouts and quick settlements too.
  • We also provide best protocols and certificates and give 3D secured passwords which will help you have a safe one to one trasaction across globe.

What HighRisk Gateways take care for secured payment transactions?

HighRisk Gateways are well known for the services they provide relating to all online issues. While you are dealing in Social Gaming Merchandising high risk of hacking or fraudulent activities is first on the list. While you receive payments we take care that you receive it securely and the customer paying you also has a safe encryption observed. We also provide payment integration in which you will help you to shift to secured payment gateways which are totally reliable and secured with safe protocols that secure the payment transactions too.