Easy and Reliable Software Selling Merchant Account

Due to digitization, lots of e-commerce business are expanding everywhere. There is a huge demand for the Software selling merchant account for providing e-commerce solution for processing payments. In the competition, it is very difficult to find the best option for quick, reliable and safe merchant accounts.
The e -business is not only taking place through websites but also through the mobile devices. Many online businesses are providing the online software solution to e-commerce businesses. No matter what product you are selling online. Every e-commerce website needs the payment gateway to receive the payments online.
Highrisk Gateways has the solution for all the merchant related services. We not only serve the high-risk industry but also the low-risk industries to get the payments online.

Get software selling Merchant account with HighRisk Gateways

We offer the merchant services worldwide. The first thing is to see whether your business is high risk or low risk, accordingly merchant services are provided. Your application approval is based on the type of risk your business is having. The high-risk businesses such as yours face trouble in setting up the merchant accounts. At Highrisk Gateways, we provide high risk businesses secure and reliable merchant accounts.
Risks related to the software selling industries
Software selling industry is the high-risk industry. It is one of the popular industry due to digitization all over the globe. The chargebacks are the main risk in such industry. Many banks deny the approval for the software selling industry. Many start-ups are unable to continue their business due to a lengthy process of application approval for the merchant accounts. If you are working with some good merchant account service provider, you will be escaped from the trouble. It will save lots of money and efforts. Software selling industry is purely an online venture. While selling software online, you require a solid platform which gives you the quick and secure payment transaction.
We offer two types of merchant accounts
Domestic merchant accounts- The domestic merchant accounts will provide the payment services for the domestic transaction. The transaction within the country of the company. It has little risk. These merchants are available at the low prices as they within the horizon of the domestic country.
Offshore Merchant account– An offshore merchant account is better for that business who want to expand globally. They have the multilingual single platform which can process multi-currency payments. We have the wide network of sponsored banks worldwide, so we are able to provide quick services.

Features of our exclusive Software Selling Merchant Account

  • Virtual Shopping Cart
  • E-commerce software for having real time reports.
  • Recurring payment option to the end customer.
  • Our solution is suitable for mobile apps supported by the multiple payment options.
  • Get best services at low possible rates.
  • Full customer support throughout till the account is live.

In the end, it’s all matter the good services which suit for your demand. We pride in providing you the best services in the software selling industry.