HighRisk Gateways can provide a tobacco merchant account to companies that have faced difficulties getting a reliable payment gateway in the past. But HighRisk Gateway’s solutions will allow the merchants to accept payments online.

A tobacco merchant account is mainly dedicated to the merchants who deal with tobacco. A Tobacco Merchant Account is the perfect solution for any tobacco business. And as we know, the tobacco industry lies under high-risk industries. So it is not easy to get a payment processing service for a tobacco merchant.

Why does Tobacco Business labeled as a High-risk business?

Tobacco businesses are labeled as High-risk businesses for these primary reasons.

  1. Tobacco products are age-restricted and regulated by the federal government. And that means they require additional underwriting knowledge and procedure from the payment service providers. But many providers are not prepared to offer their services to tobacco businesses.
  2. Health Concerns. Tobacco products such as cigarettes and cigars contribute to a large number of severe diseases. And that consists of lung cancer, emphysema, and high blood pressure.
  3. State Laws. Each state has different laws regarding tobacco sales, distribution, and transportation. Some states even have prohibitions on tobacco products.

So, due to these main risks. Many merchant service providers refuse to accept a tobacco business.

Benefits of a Tobacco Merchant Account

A tobacco merchant account provides your tobacco business with many benefits, including.

  • Safety and Security. We are PCI DSS I Level Certified and secure customers’ data. So that there would be zero possibility of leaking customers’ data. Because we obey all the rules and regulations made by PCI DSS.
  • Bank Cascading. Our merchant account will provide you with the support of some acquiring banks. And that can provide you with the feature of bank cascading. In this case, if the service of payment processing of one bank turns down. Another bank will complete the same. And by having this feature. The merchants will not have to face any payment stuck issue.
  • Shopping Cart Integration. The online business of tobacco will require a website with the products displayed. So, the integration of a shopping cart on your website will allow the customers to add their desired products to the cart. And it will bring convenience to the payments.
  • Easy Checkout. The ease of payments directly depends on the payment processing platform. As we know, redirections are a frustrating part of the payment. So, a payment gateway that processes the payments will require a single-window formation for the payment processing.
  • Global Card Saving. This convenient feature allows customers to get a better experience and make repeat purchases. And saving the transaction information for the future brings the customers close to the business.
  • Instant Approval and Quick Integration. Opting for the right service provider means you will get a better approval time for the merchant account. And secondly, your website will be integrated with the payment gateway in less duration time. And this provides you a better uptime for the business.

Payment Methods Allowances

  • Multi-currency Acceptance – A tobacco merchant account will allow you to trade in multi-currency. And by which you can receive and transfer payment in your desired currency.
  • APM (Alternate Payment Method) – A tobacco merchant account will provide customers with some more alternate payment modes. So they can make payments faster. Because not every customer may have that mode of payment that a merchant offers. To tackle this issue, you will get some alternative payment methods. And those options include – Debit Card, Paytm, UPI, NFT, etc.
  • CCP (Credit Card Processing) – This account allows you to accept credit cards for payments. And credit card processing can help you in getting a raise in your business. High-Risk Gateways merchant account is running with a fast processor. And our merchant account will also provide you with the facility of keeping the records from the beginning point. So you can access all your records at any time.
  • 24*7 Reporting System – It will provide you the facility of keeping a systematic record of each transaction. Merchants will get an alert after every transaction. So it will also save as a record in a backup.

What to expect from a Tobacco Merchant Account?

You will need to familiarise yourself with these requirements. And what you need from a merchant service provider for your tobacco business.

Reliability Check – Your business needs to get a reliable merchant service provider. So, you will have to check the MSP for their track record and hidden charges.

Security Features –  You must look for the security protocols they are following. In other words, are they PCI DSS compliant or not? And if there is an offshore merchant account available for you then you must check the bank they are providing you. Moreover, what is the fund’s security management? And what else will be covered?

Approval Time –  The time they will take for approval shows how big and connected they are. So you must ask them for approval time. And conduct thorough research on them. Because it will tell you how credible they are. So you can make a better decision.

Assistance and support team –  Just like you, MSPs are the master of their business. If there is any issue in the business you will manage it. So if there is an issue with the payment services then you will need the assistance of the service provider. Thus, check whether they will provide you with proper assistance or not. Also, check for the support they will provide when you need them.

Transparency –  This is the main requirement that the service provider needs to offer. Transparency over the charges and credentials is necessary. You must go through all the terms and conditions. While choosing a merchant account.

These are some primary checks that you will require to perform. Before choosing a merchant account provider for your tobacco business. These factors will surely help you in choosing a better service provider.

Start your Tobacco Merchant Account Services Today

Many service providers can provide you with payment processing services. But to get a genuine and trustworthy service provider is a big task. HighRisk Gateways has been working as a service provider for the last ten years. It has great experience in the respective sector. Because we have some great qualities like we provide our best services to the merchants. And always be ready to help them in every situation and provide the best assistance.

We will always provide our technical support to them in a very decent manner. And our customer support team will be available 24*7 to solve the issues.

We have many foreign acquiring banks connected to us. Moreover, with the assistance of acquiring banks and our experienced technician. You can able to get approval for your merchant account. And we will provide you with a suitable payment gateway. And you will never have to face any issue regarding payment processing. If you have any more queries about us. So, you can contact us anytime. Or you can send us a mail on info@highriskgateways.in.

Our payment providers professionals are always happy in getting the time to speak with any merchant. Because our goal is to help merchants in achieving the best payment processing solutions.


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