Secure and reliable Tobacco Merchant Account

If you are running an online business in cigars, cigarettes or any other tobacco items, you need a merchant account for receiving domestic and international payments online. There are some traditional smokers who are demanding the luxury cigars, custom pipes, and expensive tobacco online. The industry is developing at the high pace yet it is a high-risk industry. Highrisk Gateways understand it is difficult to find the good service provider for online international payments. Many companies do not work with tobacco seller due to high risk. HighRisk Gateways specializes in Tobacco merchant account services for high-risk industry.

Difficulties faced to get Tobacco Merchant Account

We give personalized solutions to the merchants. There are lots of difficulties in setting up the merchant account like strict laws and regulations, chargeback, online sales etc. This leads to lots of frustration among the merchants. We work on the individual basis whether it’s a small business or big business. We help you in receiving quick payment online and in store. We tried to give low transaction rates so that you are able to earn more profits. Tobacco is restricted product so it requires professional guidance.

How are we different?

In general, the process of applying and setting up the merchant account is very lengthy and troublesome. Many banks do not agree for the approval. We have networks worldwide and due to our good reputation, we make the process hassle free.
We are different in many ways. We provide custom services at competitive rates. We have reliable and secure payment gateway which accepts payment in multiple at lowest rates. We approve the application in 24 hours of a span. We have the user-friendly gateway which is multilingual. Our virtual terminal gateway is very easy to install in your e-commerce portal. Our gateway has almost all the shopping cart software which will assist in easy online payments. Unlike other companies, we make your process easy to manage. We don’t have the lengthy process for approval. We take pride in providing excellent customer services 24/7.

Use our premium service for Tobacco credit card processing

We are working in high risk merchant accounts since the decade. We provide flexibility and ease to grow your business online. Our dedicated expert team put all the efforts in providing the best products to the customer. We not only give access to the online card processing but also provide physical card readers to the offline stores. We are one stop solution for the merchant accounts and international payments. We continuously support you to achieve your business goal through our premium services.

Call Highrisk Gateway today

Whether you are starting up a new tobacco business online or looking for the new merchant account. We are there for all the custom merchant account services. We are happy to serve your business requirement. If you like to schedule the appointment just send us your profile and we will revert you soon with all the details. We provide unparallel support throughout the membership.