The buying and selling of services and products or services over electronic systems online and on another computer networks is called Ecommerce. The volume of trade which occurs electronically has grown exponentially with the worldwide use of internet.

The process of ecommerce happens by inciting and drawing on innovations and creativity in electronic funds transfer, internet marketing, supply chain management, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange, and inventory management systems. Although, World Web is used at some point in an online transaction but it also incorporates the email technologies.

There are three categories that we can break down credit card processing into.

First: the payments which are done using plain credit card details. It is the simplest method of payment because the credit card information is shared without any encryption over the internet. This process causes problems most of the time since the level of security is very low because any hacker can read the details of the credit card and create a program to scan the world wide traffic for that particular number. The other significant problem of this process is the authentication because there is no way to confirm the real identity of the owner. When there is no encryption, you can’t prove your identity.

Second: The payments are done using Encryption which makes the online transaction a lot safer than without it. But still there are other factors that need to be considered.

Third: This is the most secure and safe method in the industry of Ecommerce credit card payment system. The transactions of the clients and the bank are done by using a third party payment system. Some of the examples are: Visa and MasterCard.

The encryption of the information begins the moment you begin to enter your details of the credit card and just then the role of the third party becomes active and the data is sent securely over network.

Because of the sheer demand from consumers in marketplace, the ecommerce Payment Gateways is evolving and flourishing. In the recent past decades, there has been many changes have occurred. If we talk about 20 years ago, it was a new concept at all the retail stores and owners and there were no credit or debit cards. In this volatile age of modernization everything from giant business corporations to the vendor on the street operates on the wireless technologies. A plethora of payment processors are available in the financial sector and their demand is increasing day by day.

No matter what might happen to other industries in the world but the payment processing system will keep rising to the top. Every day, new technologies are introduced to successfully meet the demand of merchants and clients. It is hard to imagine that the Ecommerce credit card processing company could ever be this successful. According to the reliable sources on the insights of payment industry, the purchases through cards have grown at a tremendous rate. Furthermore, digital wallets have revolutionized the payment processing industry, so the companies are introducing different kinds of payment platforms.

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