Offshore Payment Gateway helps merchants to accept online payments in currency & card modes. This gateway has several features to help out merchants with the easiest way. But several times nubies asked why there’s the need for an offshore payment gateway? To answer this question we’ll discuss some facts that are present at the time of need for this merchant service.

Offshore Trades

Business is never been easy on anyone and nobody can decline this truth. Even the business tycoons can’t decline this fact. To be honest, Businesses have their environment and a different set of rules to follow. Due to a lack of resources, money, and support, they start to diminish.

But do they never have any other choices? They have. And the choice is to find it somewhat favorable to them. Banks never have the intention to refuse the merchants for providing merchant services.

What’s the reason banks refuse merchants for such a small issue? Many risk factors are born with the operations of such a business. But some of them are irritating and have the least chances of decreasing.

What now? Isn’t there anyone who could help merchants with such situations? There is, and those are PSP. What the heck! Who they are?


Payment Service Providers are the merchant services providers that work in the high-risk industry. The high-risk industry consists of several high-risk business categories. And offshore business is not an exception. It is the bitter truth that this type of business is also part of the high-risk business family.

These businesses are always surrounded by the issues like – chargeback, online fraud, and security matters. But the savior isn’t afraid of such issues because these are just some trivial matters for such businesses.

PSP serves several merchant services, and from them, they help merchants to reduce the effect of risk factors. Two main services are a payment gateway and a merchant account.

Banks refuse to provide merchants services to merchants for these risk factors. But PSP fully supports merchants doesn’t matter what’s the cost. They have their tactics to face such issues, and never lose face to such issues.

But here’s a problem too. You need to find a reliable PSP to follow and get merchant services. Offshore businesses have a lot of beneficial facts as well as risky issues too. So, the lesser you’d treat them as a joke you’ll be more convenient.

One of the experienced and reliable PSP in the international market is HighRisk Gateways. And why’s that, you should get the answer after reading about them.

HighRisk Gateways

HighRisk Gateways is providing merchant services in the industry since 2012. Enough of the pestering, we have the level 1 certification of PCI DSS as we keep the consumers’ and clients’ data secure from online threats.

Also, our merchant support team is neutral at talking and solving the trivial matter of merchants. If anything happens to the merchants’ payment processing system they can ask for assistance anytime. Also, if any conflict creates between merchants and consumers, our customer support helps in the most conservative way.

Thanks to several merchants who had come in the contract with us. While helping them we’ve learned many tactics to resolve frequent matters in time.


Multi-Currency Support

As you deliver your product/services in different countries, to transact various currencies you need a solution. For that, this payment gateway has the feature of multi-currency support.

With the help of this feature, you’ll be able to collect payments in different currencies. What will happen after that? Most consumers will be able to buy your products with ease. Make online shopping convenient for them.

Alternative Payment Modes

As we know that everyone wants comfort in their lives. Even when they know they have to work for it. So, for online consumers, one of the comforts for them will be the ease at paying for their favorite goodies.

For that, this payment gateway has the feature of alternative payment modes. This feature lets the consumers pay in several popular payment modes for their convenience. By providing this facility your website would be able to grab the attention of online traffic.

Smart Routing

Sometimes one terminal couldn’t transact the payment in time and this creates issues for merchants and consumers. Consumers wait for some time. And if even after the amount debited from the account is neither shown on your website they tend to claim chargeback.

In this condition, merchants have to bear the consequences. To reduce chargeback this gateway has the feature of smart routing. It helps the merchants to transact the payment from a different terminal to process payment faster. This way the chargeback won’t happen and the merchant need not worry.

Bank Cascading

Other than chargeback there are other issues related to payments. Some of them are payment stops, stuck, and failure. Due to these, the transaction didn’t process in time, and this creates inconvenience for consumers. After that consumers will think 100 times before shopping on your site.

What to do now? No need to worry. This gateway has the feature of bank cascading and with the support of several acquiring banks; you need not worry about issues like these.

Real-Time Reporting System

This system comes with this payment gateway to detect any abnormalities in the processing system and other things too. The first thing this system does is alert the merchants for every transaction.

Other than that, it alerts the merchants of any abnormalities that happen in the processing system. So, after that those merchants can take faster action on those issues to resolve them quickly. This saves time and energy for the merchants.

Fraud Prevention Tools

Online frauds are never going to stop. But to reduce their rates you can believe in this merchant service. This gateway has the feature of fraud prevention tools. They run when every transaction is being processed.

If it finds any transaction to be suspicious, it immediately stops that transaction and saves consumers. With these tools, a merchant never needs to worry about their consumers’ safety.

3D Secure Pays

This payment gateway has the feature of 3D secure pay that helps the consumers to complete the transaction after putting an OTP. This OTP is generated by this system to provide an extra layer of security to the consumers.

Credit Card Processing

Everyone is the witness that the global community mostly likes to pay for their bills with credit cards. This mode of payment is appreciated by every other consumer because it comes with several beneficial offers.

Now to complete the card transaction safely and faster you’d need the support of a perfect solution. This gateway has the support of a high-risk processor which is enough powerful to transact high-value payments faster.

Chargeback for Offshore Businesses is a big issue. Why?

Offshore businesses come in this category for many reasons. One of them is that this business is full of risks while transporting products from one country to another safely is a must. When it comes to chargeback, then you’d not be able to raise a question.

This is because when you’re dealing with international consumers you need to maintain the quality of your products. And when you lack in quality of your products or services you face chargeback. Also, sometimes you face negative remarks from the consumers’ side.


Now, for a better change make your own choices and come in contact with us. Drop a mail and get your merchant services now!


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