Get Your Own Non-3d Payment Gateway

Why should you get your own Non-3d Payment Gateway

High-risk Payment Gateway is provided to merchants who fall in the high-risk category. The main reason that many online merchants/businesses are the biggest risk factor for financial institutions is because they are dealing with offshore clients and this creates a lot of risk potential such as multiple chargeback in a day, online credit card fraud, and issues related to payment processing.

And therefore an offshore business does not get support from native banks. Here, you need a pro that can assist you in this situation and guide you with proper instructions. Highrisk Gateways is a payment service provider which is working in this industry for a very long time by providing premium services to its clients. We present to you a customized high-risk payment gateway, and that is the non-3D payment gateway. This non-3D payment gateway is fully loaded with the features that an offshore business needs the most.

Non-3d Payment Gateway Make Easy Payment Processing

HRG make your payment processing easy and reduce the time according to the other technology. To know about how our payment processor make it please see some points below:-

No More Multiple Authentications

This non-3D payment gateway provides you with the facility of faster transaction speed. This payment processor does not ask for multiple authentications like OTP, it only requires your card details and expiry date. After that, it will be easier for your customers to check-in faster.

Ease At Payment Receiving

This non-3D payment gateway provides you with the facility of multi-currency trading, which will help you deal with foreign investors. You can receive your payment in any currency and your customers will pay their bills in their native currency.

High-Value Transactions

If you ever come across high-value transactions, the large-value payment service with this processor will process your millions of transactions in the shortest time possible and provide your customer with a hassle-free shopping experience.

Multiple Payment Options

What if your customer does not have the same payment option available? Here, you can rely on the next feature of this processor and that is alternative payment modes which include options–UPI, PayPal, E-check, and Debit card. This will help them with online shopping.

Acceptance of Credit Card

Now you can easily get credit card payments from your website too. Most businesses do not accept credit card payments because their payment processors cannot process credit card payments. But our non-3D payment gateway can provide you credit card acceptance and faster credit card processing in less than a day.

24-Hour Live Reporting System

We equip this payment gateway with the facility of 24-hour live reporting system and it keeps the users updated with every transaction record. With this, this payment processor saves all the transaction records from the very beginning and when the merchant wants to access any previous record, he can easily get it.

Global Card Saving

This processor provides you the facility of Global Card Saving in which once your customer can save his card details on your website and next time he visits your website he can access your website without re-entering his card details can reach faster. Provide your customer with a hassle free shopping experience. Our dedicated staff members are always ready to listen to our customers as per their needs and queries.

Multiple Acquiring Banks

They associate us with many foreign acquiring banks, and this adds a plus point to our service delivery. With the help of the acquiring banks, you do not need to think about payment delay, payment stuck or payment failure. Even if one bank did not work, another would always be available in its place.


To protect its customers from online threats like online scammers, credit card fraudsters, viruses and cyber malware, this non 3D payment gateway complies with the rules and regulations of PCI DSS and keeps those black elements away from your website.

International Business Relations

If you can provide best quality services to your clients, then it will be easy for you to establish many international bonds globally. You can also get support from many growing industries.

If you want to get our services as soon as you can visit official website of Highrisk Gateways or you can call us on below details. I mention blogs about our other services in our blog section. We have worked with many industries over the years and have gained glorious experience from all those traders as well. We will support you till the end of your goal.

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