HighRisk Gateways delivers an integrated approach to online credit card payments, with real-time payment processing solution, with best cardholder security and online fraud prevention tool.

Our proven processes successfully resulted to minimize the charge backs, creating a more stable and sustainable platform for your business, while establishing stronger relationships with credit card providers.

As a HRG merchant, you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • Cutting-edge technology that ensures every transaction is secure
  • Processing of transactions in real-time
  • Volume-based discounted rates
  • Ability to accept multiple branded credit cards
  • Granular transaction reports
  • Ability to accept multi-currency payments
  • Quick payment-receipt email service
  • Phone and mail orders streamlined through our MOTO terminal

Custom tailor your payment options

In addition to credit card processing platform, HighRisk Gateways enables you to offer your customers multiple payment options from your website, including Check21, ACH, eCheck, Check Processing, direct debit, SOFORT alternative payments and more.

Your HighRisk Gateways merchant account manager will work with you to offer you the right solution, as per your business requirement.

No matter what your business, we make payments simple for you

  • Enabling International Payments will allow you to accept the payment from overseas customers as well.
  • Customer can simply do the checkout from your website.
  • While choosing a payment gateway provider, there are four important factors you need to consider: transaction cost, card type accepted, on-form payments, and of course recurring billing. These factors will vary from payment processor, so make sure you choose one that meets the real needs and allow you to process credit card as well as eCheck payments.
  • TRANSACTION COST: When you process online payment on your website with our payment gateway system we will charges you a fix cost for the same, some gateways will keep a small part of the charge for letting you use their system or gateway fee. You will either pay a flat fee per each transaction, an established percentage from each purchase or a combination of both charges.
  • CARD TYPES­: It’s important to know what types of credit or debit cards are accepted by your chosen payment gateway. Additionally, some processors require users to link their bank accounts rather than entering a card. We offer Visa, MasterCard as well as Amex card for high risk merchants.
  • ON-FORM PAYMENTS: If you use a pre-built form integrated with a payment gateway to collect your funds, pay attention to this factor. Some gateways will collect the payment right on the form of processing, while others will direct users to another page to complete the purchase. These are the different method use by the gateway providers.
  • RECURRING BILLING: Recurring billing gives you the ability to set up a payment of the fix period or intervals agreed by the customer. If you need to bill your customers on a monthly basis without having to worry about performing this action manually by the merchant account, then you need a payment gateway that supports recurring transactions in the system. Examples of companies that might need this feature include subscription-based companies or nonprofits who have repeat donor who give the donation every month…etc.