An online casino merchant account is capable of doing a lot of things for an online casino merchant. But what do you think, why would an online casino merchant need such an account? A couple of things happened since the world came up with the idea of coming online.

From what we’ve seen, a lot of things happened in the casino industry since it became online. Now, it’s easier to play online while being cozy on the sofa, rather than being stuck in a place. We’ve confronted players and got their views on the new trend. What they said was amusing.

“Sportsmanship “

If we talk about sportsmanship, we’ll say players learn it from playing 2 or 3 rounds together. And there is more than one game over the casino. The casino isn’t a one-game platform. It has a pack of several games in it.

Some of them are – poker, blackjack, roulette, and craps, etc. So, one can never feel bored when playing at an online casino. But that’s the biggest strategy of casino merchants to attract the attention of casino players.

Let’s not talk about that now, concentrate on why do a casino merchant needs an online casino merchant account.


In history, there was no casino. But there was a place called a “saloon”. The saloon was a place where people gathered to talk with each other, drink & eat, and gamble for fun. After some time it turned into a casino and different kinds of games became a way to earn money.

For many years, it continued to get the attention of players. But when the market shifted from offline to online, casinos shifted too. Also, transactions worth millions made online casinos a risky platform.

Seeing this, many PSPs started promoting their brands to approach high-risk merchants for such services. But without full knowledge about merchants’ needs they baffled up many times, and merchants had to face issues.

Now, after dealing with several high-risk industries and providing services to casino merchants, a brand came up front. That brand is highriskgateways.


Highriskgateways is a reliable partner for online casino merchants. It has enough experience to provide the perfect solution for every need of casino merchants. Now, characteristics that a reliable PSP should have are listed below. With those, you’ll be able to get a clear view of a reliable partner.


Online fraudsters always stay ready to deceive players and merchants. But with a credible partner merchants need not to worry about data safety. Highriskgateways has the Level 1 certification of PCI DSS. Our team strictly follows the rules & regulations stated by PCI DSS for players’ safety. We always try to provide a safe environment for players and merchants.

Merchant Support

Highriskgateways is always ready to help out merchants to accomplish their goals. The schedule will not be a hurdle for merchants. They can ask for help anytime, and we would gladly provide support with our experts. Apart from that, players can also be able to ask for help from us if they face any problems.



Casinos are famous all around the world. And to keep it in trend casino owners offer many schemes that lift players’ enthusiasm. Just like that, this account allows casino merchants to receive online payments in several currencies.

Also, players will get the ease to pay and play without thinking about currency conversion. This will show a positive side of merchants’ business to players.


The next thing is that money cannot be betted only by the currency mode of the transaction; there are other ways as well. But a merchant must have the support of supportive partners to access those methods. This merchant account can become that partner.

It has the feature of alternative payment modes. Some of those modes are net transfer, internet banking, and UPI, etc. But that is not the only option that it can provide. It can provide the access to several popular payment methods for the merchant to receive payments with ease.


Frauds offline are preventable, where you are confronting the person face-to-face. But it’s difficult to guess the person behind an online ID. An online casino needs security that can prevent such things to happen.

Suppose, someone wanted to play a bet on a game of casino, and that’s not the real owner of the card saved with the ID. In that case, that person won’t be able to complete the transaction before crossing the authentication process.

The fraud prevention tools in this account ensure the safety of players. It won’t let the transaction be complete before authentication.


When transacting payments from one vessel gets hard, another amazing feature of this account comes in handy. The feature of smart routing helps the merchant to complete the transaction through another vessel faster.

It takes a while and players are free to play their game again. Such features make it easy for merchants to avoid such hectic issues.


One of the biggest contributions in online transactions is given by acquiring banks or partner acquirers of PSP. This account has the support of several acquiring banks. And they are ready to provide a convenient transaction experience to players.

Even, if one bank refuses to process the transaction another one will complete it in no time. So merchants don’t need to worry about issues such as payment stuck, stop, or failed. Isn’t it amazing?

Real-Time Reporting System

Online casino merchants will get the support of a real-time reporting system. This system alerts the merchants on every transaction. So that merchants can have systematic records of transactions. On top of that, this system also alerts merchants when there is an issue in the processing system.

So, the situation can be brought under control in time. And merchants will not have to suffer a big loss. This will be beneficial for both merchants and players.

Global Card Saving

Most of the websites don’t allow saving cards on their websites. But if the players could save their cards on the website then they’ll be able to enjoy their game without stopping. Its direct benefit will go to the merchants, and the enthusiasm of the players will also increase.

With the feature of Global Card Saving, players will now be able to save their cards on our payment gateway. And they don’t even need to repeat it. Isn’t that great?

PIN IT |!|

Now, that we already have discussed this topic, let’s summarize the things together. First, we got to know about casinos and sportsmanship. After that, we were clear that how much risk in this game is. Next, we got to know about the history of casinos.

First, they were not known as casinos, they were saloons. Then we got to know that, what highriskgateways provides as a reliable PSP. In the end, we got to know about the pros of online casino merchant account.

And also that, how does it help players to get a smooth & seamless transactions experience. To know more, casino merchants can visit our blog section. Or they can simply drop a mail to apply for an online casino merchant account. What are you waiting for? Get it now!


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