Facts You Should Focus On While Choosing Adult Merchant Account

There are many agencies that claim that they can provide you with the best payment-related services, but in real life, they are not even well aware of how sensitive this topic can be. We believe that if we are to give you the best service, we must first gather the appropriate knowledge about the issues and their solutions. The “adult industries” are so private that their growth cannot be estimated, but still, they are making huge profits day by day. Keeping their profile private and earning huge revenue is their basic need and goal. Now if these industries are earning such a huge amount of cash, then they must be facing some difficulties while doing so. As we have already told you that how private this area is, then they have to bear the loss accordingly. Customers of these businesses prefer to keep their information confidential, and they are willing to pay extra for it. But some online hackers are always ready to implicate someone like this and blackmail them for money. High-Risk Payment Gateway has worked with many such firms and if you are one of them we know what you need. We provide solutions as per your business type.

How to get the best adult toys merchant account easily?

Does this question really need to be asked here? Well, we would say yes! Most traders like you would probably ask this question. For those merchants who don’t know about the Adult Toys Merchant Account we would like to tell you that this account is by far the best solution for businesses like yours. Firstly traders like you fall in the high-risk category and because of that banks refuse to provide you with a good merchant account and some essential merchant services. This is because they know how many risks you attract that is damaging to their resources. This is why they mostly try to ignore you. But we cover all those issues and also provide you the best services to give a hassle-free experience to your customers.

High-Risk Payment Gateway

The “payment processor” is a very important part of your e-commerce website and it can potentially create issues that make you a high-risk merchant. “HighRiskGateways.in” provides you a super fast and secure payment processor as a “High-Risk Payment Gateway”. This payment gateway gives you super quick approval from banks. With this payment processor, you can accept payments in your own currency as well, and on the other hand, your customers can pay you in their native currency. This payment gateway supports alternative payment modes that will provide a convenient shopping experience to your customers. With this payment processor, you can process one lakh transactions in less time. This payment processor uses a Large Value Payment Service (LVPS) to provide you with high-value transactions. This speed of processing will reduce the chances of a chargeback you may have received in the past. This payment gateway also supports fast credit card processing.

Credit Card Processing

Credit card processing can be harsh for you if you don’t have the best payment processor to complete all the steps. Our high-risk merchant account can process your credit card less than a day. Most importantly, there are a total of six members involved in this process – the merchant, the acquiring bank, the issuing bank, the customer, the card association, and the payment processor. All these parties are responsible for the success of each transaction. The payment processor takes care of the information that is to be sent to everyone in the process and the card association is responsible for keeping an eye on all of them to see if they are performing their duties by following the guidelines.

Adult Toys Merchant Account

Ultimately, we offer you an owner-friendly or customized merchant account as per your business type. We offer you an Adult Toys Merchant Account this merchant account allows you to build strong international relationships. We offer you the best flexible contractual terms available in the market. With these flexible terms, you can easily increase your spending on your resources in the near future. This account can be operated from across the world with the help of your unique merchant ID and password. This account has a 24-hour live reporting system that keeps you updated with your transaction history. This merchant account also allows you to accept credit cards as everyone knows that credit cards are more popular than any other payment mode. Bills paid by credit card can provide the customers with many attractive rewards while shopping online. This account allows you to trade in multiple currencies. This account also gives you the facility of “Global Card Saving” through which you need to enter your card details once, and next time you don’t even need to repeat that step.

3D Secure X Protection

This account takes care of the privacy of the customer. This account is already PCI DSS certified to manage your security. It ensures the security of the customer’s card data providing your customers with a sense of secure online shopping environment. PCI DSS uses several methods to provide protection such as installation of firewalls, encrypted transmitted data, and also anti-virus software. You can definitely rely on us for better services.


HighRiskGateways is a trusted brand for years, and still providing the best payment services in the international market. Our other services are also very effective for your businesses. To know more about us, kindly contact on the numbers given below.

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